TeslaWatt Services

TeslaWatt provides the best possible environment for crypto miners. The facility is located in the coldest region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has a capacity of 2.5 MW, with Nevada consuming about 21 million kWh per year.

TeslaWatt takes the work out of mining for you while ensuring professional maintenance in a temperature controlled environment. We have dedicated technicians that offer quick and easy setup for your machine.

See below the possibilities and services we offer.

Included in



TeslaWatt 5 kW ASIC's Outlet


  • Max Load 5 kW
  • NEMA L6-30R outlet
  • GPU’s can not be mixed with ASIC’s on the outlet


TeslaWatt 5 kW ASIC's Outlet


  • Max Load 5 kW
  • GPU’s can not be mixed with ASIC’s on the outlet

Popular ASIC miner options per TeslaWatt 5kW package:


4 S9’s


3 S9’s & 1 L3+ & Z9 mini


3 S9’s & 4 Z9 mini


3 S9's & 1 L3



1. Can a customer come and see the facility?

Yes. We would only need a 24-hour email notice prior to arrival time.

2. There are many scams online. How can I trust you?

Please, find our registration here and our property ownership information here. We embrace transparency where our customers can visit us anytime and as many times as they like.

3. Is my equipment safe with you?

We take security and privacy very seriously. Our facilities have 24/7/365 monitoring systems and we have an excellent insurance package for our customers’ equipment. Please find the insurance link here. For any potential damages, we will reimburse our customers with a full amount the insurance companies provide to us.

4. The address to send the miners?

1231 Service Drive, Gardnerville NV 89410

1. Do you offer VPN access?

Absolutely. We have Cisco Any Connect VPN with user friendly and simple installation. You will be provisioned with the access immediately after your miners are connected. For security reasons, we do not allow VPN access prior to equipment deployment.

2. Do you provide static IP?

Yes. Public static IPs from our IP range or private subnet with VPN.

3. How long does it take you to deploy the miners I send?

TeslaWatt needs 1-3 business days to connect new miners.

4. How many miners can fit 1 MW?

1 MW is about 1000 miners.

1. Do you offer 24/7/365 technical support?

Yes. Data Center services are not possible without 24/7/365 support.

2. What are the additional costs for technical support?

There are no additional costs for technical support. This is included in your hosting fee.

3. What happens if my miner stops working due to an electronic failure?

We can do a few things. We can send it to the Bitmain repair Facility (not far from our location). We don’t charge ANY handling and shipping costs for this service. Also, we can replace fans in case they fail and also at no additional costs. If a board fails and your Bitmain Warranty has expired, we can replace the board. You would simply need to order a new board from eBay or another website and send it to our address.

4. What’s the process of rebooting a miner? Do we open a ticket? How long does it take to reboot a miner?

The customer has access to execute a reboot on their own, but we also provide support for rebooting miners. All communication is via email with technical support that is available 24/7.

5. Can the customer check the power consumption?

Yes, per request.

6. Is there any CCTV where customers can see what is going on?

We have our internal CCTV and a team monitoring the facilities 24/7. For security and privacy reasons, we do not provide our customers with the access to this monitoring equipment.

1. Can you please explain your pricing to me?

We offer 2 options: 5kW outlet for $280 monthly or a single miner option, with two prices for “default” and “overclock".

2. Pricing per single miner?

Antminer S9 (1.25 kW)= $72
Antminer S15 (1.6 kW) = $95
Antminer S11 (1.4 kW) = $83
Antminer L3+ (0.8 kW) = $46
Antminer L3++ (0.95 kW) = $49
Antminer Z9 mini (0.3 kW) = $25
Antminer Z9 (1.15 kW) = $66
Antminer T15 (1.54 kW) = $90
Antminer DR5 (1.8 kW) = $105
Obelisc SC1 (0.5 kW) = $30
Dayun Z1+(1.2 kW) = $70
DragonMint T1 (1.5 kW) = $85

For any additional inquiry please email us for the quote at [email protected].

Single miner hosting available

* please email us for the quote